Ready to wrap: Eight easy ways to make all your gifts gorgeous

The quickest way to add “pow!” to your presents big or small: new materials and trims. Wrap a large box in different (but compatible) patterns; cover the seams with ribbon.

A wide band of red ribbon adds unexpected texture to the tree. Color also comes from the wrapping supplies, all stored in plain sight until the big day–a fun option, as long as your kids are safely past the Santa stage.

1 Tulle-wrapped box

Wrap gift with wrapping paper. Cut a piece of patterned tulle large enough to cover box and wrap in standard fashion, using strong double-sided tape to secure. Add ribbon and a gift tag. If desired, lightly coat a die-cut tag with craft glue and clear glitter before securing to the package.

2 Monogrammed box

Use computer and printer to design and print out an initial. Enlarge as desired, trace onto patterned paper, and cut out. (If paper is too thin, glue to a piece of cardstock for support.) Punch a hole in top of letter, loop ribbon through hole in letter, and tie to wrapped box.

3 Hole-punched box

Wrap gift. Cut an additional strip of paper to layer over basic gift wrap. Punch holes along one edge of paper using circle paper punch; repeat on the opposite edge. Wrap around gift and tape in back. Add a ribbon to middle of package, between the rows of dots.

4 Buttoned box

Wrap gift with tissue or crepe paper using double-sided tape. Fold a length of tissue paper to form a band and wrap around package; secure with tape. Cut colored twine into a piece long enough to wrap around package three times; tape one end to back. Thread three or four buttons onto string (enough to cover front of package), then wrap string around package. Repeat twice with more buttons and tape end of string to back of package. Tip: If it is difficult to thread string through buttonholes, rub a drop of glue onto its tip.

5 Double-wrapped box

Piece together complementary pieces of wrapping paper to form a sheet long enough to cover package; tape along seam. Wrap package in standard fashion. Add ribbon where seams of wrapping paper meet. Layer another ribbon over the first, if desired.

6 Gift tin

Cut strips of both solid and sheer patterned paper wide enough and long enough to encircle tin. Layer papers onto tin (sheer over solid), securing ends of paper to tin with double-sided tape. Tie ribbon around tin, making a double bow at the top.

7 Cummerbund wrap

Wrap gift. Pleat a sheet of tissue paper, making each fold just below the last one. Wrap pleated band around package with folds facing down. Layer bands of ribbon on top of tissue; secure with tape.

8 “Make a wish” box

Make the star from a 3-D paper star kit and insert a small wooden skewer into bottom of star to create a wand. Lightly coat surface of star with craft glue and sprinkle with glitter; let dry thoroughly before attaching to box. Wrap gift. Cut sheer patterned paper into a band to cover package; layer ribbons over patterned paper and secure at back with tape. Use a precut gift tag or make your own; attach to skewer with ribbon.